lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

That's incredible!

Dal "The New Orobian Herald Online" dell'11 gennaio 2010:

At a glance we could not believe to our eyes! Unbelievable but true: for the first time ever, italian local newspaper "L'Eco di Bergamo" published an article by Giovanni Ghisalberti (here the italian version), where the author, into an huge discussion above the difficult survival of little local communities in Orobian Alps, at the end of his article, said something true about the exaggereted spread of second homes. In few words, Ghisalberti wrote that too many second homes are "fundamentally harmful for tourism development". You could think that is simply the truth, and in fact it is, but at the same time, believe us, it's very hard to find someone who put it on paper, when he works at "L'Eco". The reason is simple too: the most popular newspaper in Bergamo and its province, belong to several real estate tycoon.
Whatch out Ghisalberti! If your CEO or another "L'Eco" Board's member should read your article, you seriously risk to be fired!
But, Giovanni, do not worry about it, we wait here for you with wide open arms!

Paul Hugeland

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